April 2016

Event: Bearhaus (Opening party for DaP16) / 15 April / Newlyn Art Gallery

Moogie Wonderland invite you to be part of Bearhaus, a new one-night-only movement in art for the opening of Drawing A Presence 2016. As part of the exhibition of exciting young art collectives in Cornwall Moogie Wonderland’s pop-up club night will see the beginning and the end of the movement, where everyone wears a furry bear hat and dances/improvises/carries on as normal, surrounded by the work of collectives including Medium Rare, Howl Projects, Field Notes, Keiken Collective, Space37, BLNT Collective, and Cafe Morte.

On the night Moogie Wonderland will spin tunes to dance your paws off to – playing the usual delightful mix of indiepop, tropicalia, French pop, library music, and more. Salmon won’t be provided.

Bearhaus is a response to the theme of Drawing A Presence 2016: “Do you have to leave the county in order to establish yourself as an artist?”

Bearhaus will be a movement in art, formed by attendees of the event – it will only take place in the space and time of the opening night. Everyone will wear a bear hat, and everyone will be invited to write the manifesto and be the artists. The night will incorporate ideas of ritual, community and participation.

Join the event on Facebook here.

About the Drawing A Presence 2016 exhibition:

Drawing A Presence is a survey of the output of young artist-led collectives based in Cornwall.

Drawing A Presence 2016 will pick up a question posed by the debate at the close of DaP2014 “Do you have to leave the county in order to establish yourself as an artist?” Many of the artists in this exhibition believe it’s not where you’re based that matters, but rather what you do and how you do it. It takes place at Newyn Art Gallery from 16 April – 25 June, plus opening party on 15 April. www.newlynartgallery.co.uk

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