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We want to enable anyone to make personal and creative breakthroughs that can shape their lives and the world around them by providing environments for artistic exploration, and you can help us do that by donating what you can. Your money will go towards the things we need to carry out our work to the highest standard – from purchasing professional electronic musical instruments for our Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra, to paying to run live art workshops for adults with learning differences.

If you would like to make a donation to us, please visit our donation page here:



Donate an instrument

Our work with the Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra helps young people make music without needing musical experience or knowledge. We set up ‘noise stations’ that help participants make high quality music instantly, while allowing for progression. If you would like to donate an instrument or item for a noise station, please get in touch. Any electronic items will be PAT tested before being used in our activities. We particularly interested in:

  • Portable cassette players
  • Cassettes (blank or not)
  • Synths
  • Midi controllers
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi
  • Live audio equipment (e.g. mixing desks, mics, DI boxes, mic stands)
  • Contact mics / hydrophones
  • Electric guitars
  • Violas, violins, cellos
  • Drum machines
  • Battery powered toys that make sounds (e.g. Speak & Spell)


If you like the sound of the work we are doing and would like to talk to us about sponsorship benefits we can provide, please get in touch at

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Our current projects are backed by Youth Music, Arts Council England and The National Lottery.

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