July 2011

Greyscale World

Medway’s architecture, industrial sites and public areas are coated in varying symphonies of grey – an often overlooked and un-noticed colour. However, in varying situations its presence draws attention to an objects splendor and beauty by eradicating the distraction of colour. This is not only noticable in architecture but also in everyday objects and life.

‘Greyscale World’ was a monochromatic performance and installation which brought an other-worldly vision to Rochester High Street, highlighting the colour grey and suggesting that it is worthy of celebration. During the week beginning 13th June, Greyscale World took the form of a pop-up factory at 302 High Street, which saw the artists making the work (a mass of grey objects) in a factory line situation. On Sunday 19th June, this mass of grey objects and people were taken through Rochester High Street and then presented in a surreal and playful manner. The public were then be invited to take away objects from the installation and make them part of their everyday lives.  Local school pupils, UCA students and residents were involved in this project  which was a Fuse Medway Festival SPARK commission.

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