February 2011

Moogie Wonderland Feb 12th as it happened

We had a smooching time of lurve on Saturday. Here’s how it unfolded:

Biancha arrived to find Matt putting up her lips all wonky. Matt decided he wouldn’t make a good spirit level. Lucy predicted that a chocolate heart is the closest you’ll come to love but we continued with love anyway and opened our valentine doors…

Ross popped in to play a short notice set of twee with Fieldstaff Amy and it was wonderful from the start like when a tapiris born. Out came the Camera Obscura, the Dressy Bessy and ooh Saint Etienne.

Our super long arms were hugged frequently and violated only once or twice. We feel safe that they are still ok to use in the moogie love-bed. Latex wall of tongues on the other hand…

See you at the next one lovers! (Photography by Oscar Foster-Kane)

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