October 2009


Hello lovelies. We’re back from a morning of mini picniccing, tea, coffee and bemusement. After a late night and super early morning to prepare for the UCA freshers’ fayre, we’ve had to do our own version of it in a blog style as were meant to get permission first [note to selves: don’t turn up unannounced to these things]. We want very much to work alongside UCA. Our aim is to encourage creativity in Medway, to help create a vibrant arts community and to enthuse students with the idea that there are opportunities for them to exhibit during their time at UCA and when they finish their courses.

Anyway, so here is what you would have got from us at the UCA Freshers Fayre today:

  1. An invite to exhibit work at Moogie Wonderland nights / events. If interested, contact us on facebook / myspace or email mattashdown [at] gmail.com – we’re currently looking for halloweeny work, shadowplay and wordplay, but will also accept submissions of any other subject matter with a mind to exhibit work at future events.
  2. Bear hugs.
  3. A lifesize cardboard cutout of  olympic gold medalist and fashion icon, Daley Thompson, eating a Milkybar.
  4. A flyer for our Halloween Moogie Wonderland: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147025486539 [we did sneakily give flyers to someone who had a stall at the fayre to give out. Titter titter.]
  5. An opportunity to talk to us about how to curate exhibitions DIY style.

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