June 2015

Sister Mantos // 20 June 2015

It was a night of DIY tropical-punk-funk-electronic-intergalactic-art togetherness when Sister Mantos (LA) and The Quighty (Falmouth) came to play our party at the Fish Factory. Video art, music and performance linked day-glo splattered arms to shout about a positive future – one that lessens the chances of baffling aliens about negative inter-human weirdness. It was so cool to have Sister Mantos over from LA to play with an amazing local 8-bit musician (The Quighty) – it’s important that we connect with our international chums so that we can be inspired by things beyond our locality (and vice versa), become a platform for discussions about our world, and throw a party in the process. Thank you for coming, Falmouth – there will be more like this.

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Below are some photographs of Sister Mantos (used with permission © Chris Trevena):


Check out the latest video from Sister Mantos (Kate Bush cover) here:

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