May 2012

Smoking Animal Alphabet: John Sutherland

May’s Moogie was overrun with some rather super smoking animals, through the medium of digital print, animation and zine. The works from the Smoking Animal Alphabet were created by John Sutherland, you can check out his work here and buy it from here. Eager to learn more about these nicotine craved creatures, we were blessed to find that the zine actually tells you. Are favourites are as follows:

FLAMINGOs were massive in the eighties, but are rarely seen now.
PENGUIN still loves his parents, and still loves the old world.
UNICORN is fictional. this is a horse on its way to a fancy dress party.

Moogie quite by accident (but a happy one at that) has been a little John Sutherland obsessed for the two past Moogie’s as he was also selected to be ‘the face,’ which quite simply was a John Malkavich style mask happening where everyone was invited (and luckily most accepted) to wear a mask of his face. There were several Johns dancing, eating cake, actually in the ‘john’ and in our photo booth taking photos with other Johns. It was really rather surreal and something which we hope to do fairly regularly. We are even working on a ‘submit your face’ ballot box or internet set up so watch this space or watch this FACE rather.

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