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In 2024 we want to relaunch the Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra with a wider and more long-term programme. Your donation will help us provide access to music making for young people in Cornwall who usually face barriers.



Many children in Cornwall face barriers to making-music. This can be due to cost of lessons or instruments, music education not geared to people with learning differences, lack of confidence, or feeling uninspired by the choices available.

We’ve been changing this. Over the last five years we have run several projects to open up access to music making for young people in Cornwall. Children and parents have told us we have made a different to the lives and opportunities of those who have taken part. We’ve seen young people grow in confidence, learn new skills, and get excited by music. Our Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra has grown in popularity and been featured by BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 3, The Guardian, Electronic Sound, BBC Spotlight and more.

During our sessions, young people get to make music on state of the art electronic instruments and electro-acoustic ‘noise stations’, and even perform live in quadraphonic sound. The instruments we use are setup to sound good, in tune, and in time, no matter how you use them – this means that there is no chance to feel embarrassed. However, this is not a simplification – the instruments we use have been used like this for decades. Modular synths generate music through signal paths, and we teach not just musical techniques, but electronics and engineering too. This is how greats such Aphex Twin, Suzanne Ciani, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Brian Eno mastered their crafts.

We have paused our work while we raise money to be able to sustain and widen our programme so that we can develop skills for more young people in Cornwall, support aspirations, and enable them to have a better chance in life. We believe that anyone can illuminate their world by discovering their own brilliance.

Please donate now so that we can deliver this important work: https://donorbox.org/make-a-donation-to-moogie-wonderland

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Our current projects are backed by Youth Music, Arts Council England and The National Lottery.

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