March 2022

Advisory supergroup needs you

VOLUNTEER ROLE: Have your say – and help people to play

Anyone can illuminate their world by discovering their own brilliance.

At Moogie Wonderland, we put on events so anyone in Cornwall, no matter their background, can have a go at taking part in art and music that surprises and inspires people – whether that’s building synthesisers, playing in a noise orchestra, or dancing around a gallery in a mob wearing bear hats.

We take risks and love to experiment – we value playfulness!

Which is where you come in.

These ideas are only great if they lead to projects people want to get involved in. So to make sure we’re doing the right stuff, we’re forming an advisory supergroup – a group of amazing volunteers from various key communities across Cornwall who’ll listen to our participants, bounce ideas around, and feed them back to the Moogie Wonderland team.

We work with diverse communities, and our Co-Directors have over 10 years experience of supporting children and young people, as well as adults, to experience arts and cultural projects and programmes. But by working closely with people with different experiences, we can learn more and make a bigger difference.

Advisors Assemble!

We’re aiming to build a really tight group of advisors, who have such a good time at every meeting that they simply can’t wait for the next one – where the format provides a safe and enjoyable space for all to feel included and heard. So we’ll be making these ‘advisory meetings’ as fun and playful as any Moogie Wonderland event or workshop, while still resulting in vital outcomes to support our work. All we need from you is a commitment to turn up, share your input and have fun.

As well as opening our Advisory Supergroup to people who can tell us what their community wants (and therefore need no professional experience), we’re keen to include experienced representatives of the cultural, local government and business worlds, who’ll give us the knowledge and advice to help us deliver the best possible projects. We currently plan to involve volunteers in three ways:

  1. Regularly attending Advisory Supergroup members who can tell us what their communities want and how our work can best benefit them
  2. ‘Guest advisors’ who can support us when we have a specific need around a subject
  3. Regularly attending Advisory Supergroup members who have the following experience and knowledge:
    1. Education – to help us connect with schools, colleges, and universities
    2. Council/civic – to help us build strong relationships with council departments and expand our practice-led advocacy work
    3. Venues and spaces – someone with the knowledge and proven experience of successfully setting up and/or running an accessible venue

So if you’re keen to have your ideas heard, to share what your community values and needs, to work with others to build something that helps lots of people across Cornwall, and to gain invaluable experience for your CV, we’d love to hear from you.

No legal obligations

The Advisory Supergroup is not a formal ‘board’ – this means that you have no formal legal responsibilities or decision-making authority. The importance of the group will be to help us understand how we can be relevant to (and inclusive of) communities. The group will be instrumental in providing insights and recommendations that help the Directors shape the work of Moogie Wonderland.

Moogie Wonderland, in a nutshell

We believe anyone can illuminate their world by discovering their own brilliance. So we’re here to create welcoming spaces for artistic exploration, helping people have the kind of personal and creative breakthroughs that can make a huge difference to their lives and the world around them.

We are committed to equal opportunities for all.

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