August 2020

Get a free synth building kit! (for children in Cornwall aged 9-16)

We are delighted to offer children (aged 9-16) in Cornwall a FREE Build Your Own Synthesiser kit. This is thanks to support from Arts Council England with funding from the National Lottery, and with donations from Rapid Electronics and kind pledges to our crowdfunding campaign,

A synthesiser is an electronic musical instrument that creates sound. A keyboard is a type of synthesiser which is controlled by a set of keys. The synthesiser in this kit is not controlled by a keyboard, but instead by a dial, and plays one note at a time that goes up or down in in pitch when the dial is turned. It is a ‘square wave oscillator’. We are also including a set of components which the oscillator will feed into to make some other cool sounds, and some components that can modify the sound of the instrument.

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