August 2017

Photo documentary of our co:noise event with Can’s Damo Suzuki

At 21:55, 10.08.17, the public were invited to join in with our latest co:noise event: Damo Suzuki and the Mildred Maude Orchestra of Public Noise, at The Poly in Falmouth.

Damo Suzuki is the former vocalist in Can, and one of the pioneering figures in the German experimental music movement of the late 60s/early 70s (affectionately known by many as krautrock). He has influenced many of todays experimental artists including Aphex Twin, Radiohead and Goat. For decades he has been touring the world performing with local ‘sound carriers’. We booked him for a noise jam alongside Cornish noise trio, Mildred Maude and added the audience as the ‘Orchestra of Public Noise’.

The improvised 90 minute set to a near sellout audience saw the public join in for the last 30 minutes to collectively build a sonic backdrop using our co:noise designed ‘noise stations’ – specially made instruments that require no technical knowledge or conventional musical ability. In this once in a lifetime opportunity, children and adults performed using:

Noise Station 1: a typewriter > contact mic > delay pedal
Noise Station 2: three chime bars > momentary freeze pedal
Noise Station 3: single string drone + violin bows > reverb and delay pedals
Noise Station 4: three guitars (raised strings) tuned only to D, G, or A + beaters> reverb

[co:noise is a participatory project that enables non-musicians and musicians of all levels and ages to perform and experiment with music together. It aims to inspire people to find new routes to making music. co:noise events are usually in live settings and they are set up in a way that allows people to make music without any previous experience needed.]

Photo documentation by Chris Trevena:


Here is a time-lapse of Matt and Martin making the one string drone that was used on one of the noise stations. Easy and affordable!

And here is Aphex Twin (bottom left) joining in at the previous co:noise event.

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