April 2010

Something’s Coming to Town

Moogie Wonderland curate their first major public art exhibition, ‘Something’s Coming to Town’. Inspired by Bela Tarr’s film, ‘The Werckmeister Harmonies’ (in which a bizarre attraction turns up on the back of a lorry in a quiet unsuspecting town) the unorthodox exhibition takes place in a metal shipping container.

“Something’s Coming to Town” runs for three weeks with the first two weeks exploring the theme of a different travelling show and the final week investigating the impact of the show leaving town. The work is presented through video, installation and performance art.

In the opening week, artists Megan Tait and Helena Astbury invite the viewer to witness the circus performer prepare for their show in their video pieces. Following this, Robert Bidder and Emma Purchase take you into a humorous world where leopards have taken over and meeting mermaids is quite normal. Moogie Wonderland brings the exhibition to a close with a thought provoking mixed media installation by Biancha Laukkanen and an intimate performance by Laura Bridges and Lauren Willis each exploring the preciousness of memories.

“Something’s Coming to Town” is situated on the green outside Chatham Library and runs from 10-5pm on the 6th-8th, 13th-15th and 20th-22nd May. The exhibition closes with a performance between 5-7pm on 22nd May. All events are free entry. To attend the performance, please email mattashdown@gmail.com or book a place during the exhibition opening hours.

Other upcoming events: Moogie Wonderland move their regular arts based indiepop clubnight to Poco Loco in Chatham, Saturday 15th May, 9pm – 2am. Free entry.

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