March 2022

Time lapse of our latest Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra session

This week’s younger group (8-11) created a ‘movement score’ which they filmed, and then performed music to several times. Here is the time lapse of the session, with audio (from a dictaphone) from one of those performances.

For the movement score, the children drew symbols onto t-shirts, turned the symbols into physical movements, and filmed them. When they performed music to it on our ‘noise stations’, they assigned an instruction for playing music to each movement, and followed that instruction.

You can have a go at home by making a movement score, and then performing it by making sounds such as scraping chalk on card, rolling marbles around in a pan, scrunching up old newspapers, making funny whistling or humming sounds, or shaking water in a bottle.

If your child would like to attend our FREE noise orchestra sessions (absolutely no musical experience needed), they are held every Tuesday (term time) at Falmouth Art Gallery: ages 8-11 (primary), 4-5pm; ages 11-14 (secondary), 5.30-6.30pm. Parents are allowed to wait in the gallery space (seats available). Booking is essential (by emailing

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