March 2011

Update: Une mise à jour

It’s all been a little bit quiet on the blog front at the Moogie Wonderland HQ, because we have been busy bees applying for Encounter [a series of 6 temporary art experiences taking place across urban spaces of North Kent during the summer of 2011, commissioned by NKLAAP] and we have been working on our current project ‘Greyscale World’, a Spark Commission for the FUSE Medway Festival.  For ‘Greyscale World’ we have been visually documenting Medway’s beautiful grey buildings and spaces, and kick starting plans for the foundation of our project: community involvement. At present we are in touch with local schools and architects. We have also been thinking about the notion of how the public can become unexpected bystanders of art happenings that appear real. The ‘freeze’ stunt at the Grand Central Station in New York was mentioned [200 people froze on the same second for five minutes] and the idea that scenes that we witness everyday from the couple arguing in a supermarket to the neighbour putting our his recycling, may in fact be actors. This concept is something that we want to address in ‘Greyscale World’. Through an evening of research armed with a peppermint tea, Lucy discovered Improv Everywhere [a group in America that organise ‘missions’ with hundreds of undercover volunteers that play pranks on the unsuspecting public.] Examples are: identical twins mirroring the behaviour of their sibling on the subway, throwing a surprise birthday party for a stranger, shopping in slow motion and her favourite- a spontaneous musical in a grocery store. Moogie Wonderland’s focus will be less on the idea of a ‘prank’ and so more of a happening. An other-wordly grey happening.

Speaking of grey, we would like to thank all of those that braved the bleak and dreary weather on Saturday to come to our Ides of March themed Moogie at Poco Loco. And what a pillar-tastic evening it was too. We had beautiful Roman inspired animations and fortune telling games by Emma Falconer [there’s no place like Rome apparently] and an interactive projection on a feedback loop which warped things [no need for several glasses of wine] created by UCA students Oscar, Matthew and Trevor. So what is going to happen at the next Poco? Well we are bringing back the Laundrette! But in a completely new and bubble-tastic way. We will be inviting you to help create our Moogie delicates to hang up in the Moogiette. The fun will begin at tonight’s Sipping Sessions at The Rochester Coffee Co.

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