February 2022

We exceeded our Crowdfunder target! Thanks!


Thanks to your overwhelming support, we not only reached our Crowdfunder target of £1000, but exceeded it with a total of £1416! Thank you to everyone who supported, whether that was by making a pledge or by sharing it with friends, family, or networks. The Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra is now going ahead, and we will announce other funding news about that soon.

Why We're Launching the Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra

A 2019 report by The Music Commission shows that “there is significant inconsistency in the opportunities and spaces for young people to develop their individual and collective music making” and that “the cost barriers to families represent a significant inequality of access to music education”.

Many children in Cornwall can’t afford to learn instruments and gain the benefits their peers enjoy from taking part in high quality music activities (e.g. creative skills, increased confidence, improved wellbeing). Additionally, traditional music theory doesn’t suit everyone’s style of learning. This means there are inequalities in taking part, and many children are missing out the opportunities to gain skills that could give them a better chance in life.

What We'll Do to Address This

Our project will help solve these issues by introducing children to music who may usually face barriers to taking part. We’ll do this through an alternative approach to music, where no musical knowledge is needed to play our instruments.

The money we’ve raised from the Crowdfunder will help pay for us to run this as a regular experimental orchestra programme this spring/summer. It will help us work with partners to reach children in communities who may usually be excluded from music activities due to cost of lessons/instruments or other inequalities.

Our Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra is an innovative and playful new programme from Moogie Wonderland. It will involve two groups of children and young people forming their own alternative orchestra, composing on DIY instruments and collaborating with contemporary artists. Through games and playful activities, children will learn music techniques and ideas such as group improvisation, graphic scores (visual alternative to traditional notation), live performance, conducting, structures of classical and experimental music.

Children will also be able to work towards a ‘discover and explore’ Arts Award (if they want to).

We understand that not everyone is confident to take part in projects like this, however EVERY child and young person has something to gain from creativity. Money we’ve raised will help us reach and engage new audiences in fun sessions, that will give them confidence and new skills that can give them a better chance in life.

The participating children will be supported by professional musicians and artists. Sessions will focus on playful experimentation and working together. The orchestra will meet every week, including special ‘masterclasses’, the groups will work towards producing their own performances to be played at a concert.

We are thrilled to be hosted by Falmouth Art Gallery and the sessions will be for 8-11 yr olds and 12-14 yr olds who will meet in separate groups. It will be open to ALL  and no prior music knowledge will be needed.

Sessions will be facilitated by experienced arts and youth practitioners, who will support engagement and oversee pastoral care & safeguarding. Everyone involved in our work with children and young people has the relevant DBS checks.

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