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Youth Electronic Music Day


This was a free day of sessions at Penryn Temperance Hall on 15 July 2023 - attendees learnt about electronic music and had a go at making music on synths together.


15 July 2023. (Ages 8+: 11:00 - 12:00; Ages 12-16: 13:30 - 14:30)

This fun day of hands-on workshops will be great way to learn about electronic music – whether you have any experience in music or not.

At 11am, children aged 8+ can join us to explore making sound using fun ‘noise stations’ – from making the sound of wind and waves to making noises by drawing! You will be able to play music to strange musical scores (involving camels) and even have the opportunity to rehearse for a real concert you could perform at the following week (click here for info on that concert). Parents can join in too!

At 1.30pm, young people aged 12-16 will be able to explore modular synths. Modular synths are exciting looking instruments that use electronic processes to make music – using oscillators, sequencers, filters and more. Synths have been used across genres for decades, appearing on tracks by everyone from Herbie Hancock and Apex Twin to Harry Styles and Blackpink. Modular synths look a little like something out of a NASA control room and  allow you to generate and shape your own sound by connecting modules together with cables and then performing that sound using dials, buttons, joysticks and switches. This one hour session will show you some modular synths, some of the sounds you can make with them, and even free virtual software you can use at home (VCV Rack)! You’ll also find out about our regular electronic music tutorials that take place at Falmouth University (click here for info).

Due to the nature of the equipment we are using, children should only attend if they are within the age group mentioned for the activities, and must be accompanied by an adult.

We keep noise to a safe and appropriate level, and free earplugs will be available, however there may be some complex and occasionally louder noises that may not be suitable for people with sensory issues.

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